11U Oaklandon Bombers (2023)

The 11U Oaklandon Bombers (2023) has a plan to help your player maximize his potential next season. It includes professional instruction, personalized development plans, and one-on-one training with the coaching staff. See the links and information below. Feel free to contact the head coach, Johnny Goldfinger, for details about development opportunities for your player. You can contact him at jgoldfinger@gmail.com or text to 607-279-4428.

Johnny has over ten years of travel baseball experience and success as a coach, instructor, and administrator. Click here for more information about Johnny’s baseball coaching experience. The coaching staff includes Brittany Anderson and Adam DeVries. Brittany is a former high school softball coach at Lawrence Central and has experience as a head baseball coach of travel and rec-league teams. Adam has coached baseball with Johnny for three years. He understands what we teach and why; he is quick to take on new responsibilities and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

You can schedule a private tryout by contacting Johnny Goldfinger (jgoldfinger@gmail.com or text to 607-279-4428). The location for the tryouts is the home of the Bombers, Veterans Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Park, 12150 East 62nd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46236. This is in Lawrence Township just northeast of Ft. Benjamin Harrison.

Tryouts will involve 30 minute small group training sessions (with one to three players). This allows coaches to spend time working individually with and getting to know each player (and vice versa). It also reflects the team’s commitment to individual attention for player development.


Links to information about the 11U Oaklandon Bombers:

  • Fee and Budget A detailed budget for the team including player costs, a breakdown of estimated expenses, and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Bombers Calendar The anticipated calendar for the 11U Bombers for the next year. This will give you an idea of what the schedule will look like for the team.
  • Management and Expectation Basic information about how the team will be managed and expectations for coaches, players, and families.
  • Location and Organization Where the Bombers are located and details about its parent organization, the OYO.


Links to basic information about the team you might find useful:

  • Hitting instruction is based on the hitting program developed by Mike and Jake Epstein. A certified Epstein hitting instructor will oversee the batting development of the players and work with a dedicated hitting coach to train the players individually. Each player will get a slow motion video analysis of his swing and a personal development plan for the winter.
  • Each player will learn how to pitch correctly. We use the pitching systems created by Tom House and Ron Wolforth to teach players how to throw safely, increase velocity, and improve command. Coach Jason Taulman (Marian University pitching coach) is our pitching evaluator and consultant. He will provide individual pitching assessments and a development plan for each player.
  • Players receive personalized development plans for hitting and pitching/throwing. Coaches work with players individual or in small groups of 2 to 3 players. There is no cookie cutter, assembly line training where everyone repeats the same drills.
  • The player fee is estimated to be $900-$950. This covers insurance, hats, jerseys, pants, bat bags, facility rentals for winter training, insurance, field usage at Veterans Memorial Park, equipment, showcase games, tournaments, and participation in a fall travel league. This fee is one of the lowest you will find for a full time travel team.
  • There will be a payment plan for the player’s fee. You will have a chance to make payments monthly.
  • The Oaklandon Bombers baseball club is not a business and not trying to make money. It is part of the Oaklandon Youth Organization, a 501(c)3 not for profit, run by an all volunteer staff. If you find businesses to sponsor the team, they will get a tax write-off and half the donation will go to your player’s fee. There will be incentive packages for sponsors.
  • Kids are encouraged to play multiple sports for fun and physical development. Playing different sports makes kids better athletes and better athletes make better baseball players.
  • Participation in fall practices and a six week fall league at Field of Dreams (September-mid-November) is optional but encouraged. Winter practices (January-March) are strongly recommended. Fall practices will be outside on a baseball field. Winter practices will be indoors.
  • The spring season will begin in April and end in mid-July. We will play showcase games and approximately 8 to 10 tournaments including one or two out-of-town tournaments within a five hour drive.
  • The team will use a continuous batting order. All players bat and play in the field. No one sits out any game.
  • Pitch counts and recommendations from Ron Wolforth will be used to keep arms safe and healthy. Kids should not be throwing with pain. You might be surprised how often travel baseball coaches abuse the arms of children in an effort to win a game or simply because they lack knowledge about arm care.