Management and Expectations (11U Bombers 2023)

Team Management

  • The team will have an 11 or 12 player roster.
  • A continuous lineup will be used so all players bat and can be substituted freely on defense.
  • Pitch counts and principles recommended by Ron Wolforth are used to manage the pitching staff.
  • All players are expected to learn how to pitch and be prepared to pitch in games.
  • Detailed offensive and defensive statistics are used to determine batting orders, pitching rotations, and field positions.
  • The health and safety of the team is a priority.

The expectations for Bomber coaches, players, and families are pretty standard. However, it is worth making them explicit. Helping the children become better human beings and baseball players should be everyone’s goal. Coaches and parents are expected to support each other in that effort.

Expectations for Coaches

  • Coaches are expected to set a good example for the players and show good sportsmanship and respect to others including players, coaches, umpires, families, and spectators. Coaches will not embarrass the players and families on the team.
  • Coaches will prioritize the physical and psychological well being of the players by following the normal conventions of youth baseball and youth sports more generally.
  • Coaches will always keep in mind the importance of school and support families when school work conflicts with baseball.
  • Coaches will always respond to requests by families or players to discuss an issue and do their best to explain what they are doing and why.
  • Coaches will maintain a well-organized team that keeps families and their children informed and updated.
  • Failure to abide by these expectations can result in the removal or suspension of a coach as determined by the Oaklandon Youth Organization.

Expectations for Players

  • Players are expected to pay attention when adults are talking to them. Players will do what coaches ask in a prompt manner and without complaints. Players will hustle at games and practices.
  • Players will always treat other players and adults with respect and show good sportsmanship. Throwing, hitting, and knocking things over in anger will not be tolerated. Showing up umpires, other players, and coaches will not be tolerated. Loss of temper, fits, and moping will not be tolerated, These actions will be disciplined at the discretion of the coaching staff. Parents are expected to support coaches in enforcing these standards.
  • Players will accept the positions they are assigned and give maximum effort on the field. Players will not ask coaches if they can play certain positions during the game. If a child wants to change his role on the team, then he (and his family) should ask the coaches why he is playing a particular position, what changes are possible, and what he needs to do to change his role.
  • Player will never engage in horseplay with baseballs and bats. Fights (which include shoves, kicks, punches, or take-downs) or verbal harassment (including profanity, threats, name calling, taunting, etc.) will be disciplined at the discretion of the coaching staff. An egregious incident can result in removal from the team.
  • Failure to abide by these expectations may result in suspension or removal from the team by the head coach after review by the Oaklandon Youth Organization.

Expectations for Families

  • Families are expected to set a good example for all the kids and show good sportsmanship and respect for others. If a family member is involved in a fight or verbally harasses others at a game or practice, that person may be barred from attending games and team activities as determined by the coaching staff and reviewed by the Oaklandon Youth Organization.
  • Families and supporters should not directly question or challenge the decision of an umpire. The coaches are the only Bomber representatives who will communicate with the umpires about a call. The coaching staff will not challenge judgment calls by the umpire. They will ask for clarification of the rules when appropriate.
  • Family members should not give or yell advice to the coaches during the game nor should they give or yell advice to the players during the game particularly when they are on deck, batting, or playing in the field. The coaches are responsible for making adjustments during the game. Families are encouraged to cheer and support the team in a positive manner.
  • Families are encouraged to contact the head coach and set up a meeting if they are not satisfied with a coach’s decision, are upset with a coach’s behavior, or have questions about how their child is being used.
  • Family members who are not satisfied with a coach’s decision or behavior have the option of asking the Oaklandon Youth Organization to review the situation and intervene if necessary.

Any person (coach, player, or family member) associated with the Bombers who is thrown out of a game with just cause is subject to a one week suspension from being present at any Bomber activities. A second offense may result in suspension for the rest of the season. Appeals can be made to the Oaklandon Youth Organization.

There will be no refund of team fees for any suspensions or removal from the team.