9U Bombers Calendar

Below is the anticipated calendar for the 2021 9U Bombers. It should give you an idea of what the schedule will look like. Some changes and adjustments are likely, but should not be too significant.

Note that we encourage kids to play multiple sports and will work with you to make it possible. We do not require participation in fall team activities. We strongly encourage participation in the winter trainings but understand that there may be conflicts.

August 8-16tryouts – If a player is offered a spot on the team, he has 24 hours to accept and pay a $130 non-refundable deposit (which is applied to his player fee). After the 24 hours expires, the team may choose to withdraw the offer and give it to another player.

Mid-August through Octobervoluntary fall outdoor workouts – From mid-August through October (for as long as the weather holds up), the team will have voluntary outdoor practices at Veterans Memorial Park each Saturday (times to be determined based on coach and family schedules). The emphasis will be on pitching mechanics, fielding, defensive assignments, and base running. The workouts are completely voluntary and no player will be penalized in any way for not participating.

Novemberindividual and small group hitting trainings – If there is interest, we will hold weekly hitting trainings at the Bat Cave (Post Road and I-70). The training sessions are voluntary.

Decemberpitching assessments – We may do pitching assessments with Jason Taulman (pitching coach for Marian University) at Indy Pitch and Hit in Noblesville. This is still in the planning stages and will depend on schedules and the team budget.

January through mid-Marchindoor training and practice – The indoor training schedule will depend on what days and times we can negotiate with local indoor facilities. Ideally, we will have a two hour batting and pitching training each week (most likely at the Bat Cave) and a training at an indoor facility with an infield every other week. I will work to have the trainings on the weekend. The trainings are not required, but we encourage everyone to attend.

Mid-March through mid-Apriltraining and outdoor practices – As soon as the fields at Veterans Memorial Park are playable, we will begin outdoor practice once during the week and once on weekends. Depending on the progress and needs of the players, we may continue having formal batting practice at the Bat Cave.

Mid-April through mid-Julyshowcase games and tournaments – Beginning in mid-April (if weather permits), the team will begin scheduling weekday showcase games, Sunday doubleheaders, and weekend tournaments. Once we get to the end of May, we will only play tournaments. We will practice once a week at Veterans Memorial Park and have voluntary batting practice the night before the tournament begins. There may be one out-of-state tournament within a three hour drive.