Fee and Budget

Our goal is to have a 12 player roster. The player fee in this case will be $910. This fee can be paid in seven monthly installments of $130 in September, October, November, December, January, and February, and March.

(IMPORTANT: If we only have 11 players on the roster, the player fee for each player may be raised by $40 because there is one less person splitting the costs of practice facilities, games, tournaments, and equipment. The deposit and monthly payments will remain $130 and this extra $40 will be due in April.)

As a 501c(3) not-for-profit, our team can accept sponsorships that are tax deductible. We will offer sponsorship packages that provide sponsors with tiered benefits based on donation level. If you secure a sponsorship, 50% of the donation will be applied to your player’s fee.

ESTIMATED EXPENSES FOR THE 9U 2021 SEASON assuming 12 players on the roster (column 2 and 3) and 11 players on the roster (columns 3 and 4)

Number of Players on the Roster12121111
Budgeted ItemCost
Mandatory OYO fee
Insurance and field usage
Batting bags
with embroidery
Caps x 24554045495
Jerseys x 310012001001100
Pants x 13542035385
Indoor practice expenses
Facility rental, batting cages, etc.
Showcase games x 20
$40/game for umpire and baseball
Tournaments x 8
$400/tournament + $100 sanctioning fees
TOTAL COST$963$11540$1016$11170

*Equipment includes catcher’s gear ($300), portable pitcher’s mound ($250), two dozen new baseballs ($100), three dozen Total Control training balls ($120), scorebooks and GameChanger fee ($50), etc.

Players are responsible for purchasing their own batting helmets (must be solid navy), helmet stickers, belts, extra pants, athletic socks, and molded cleats.

For 12 players, the fee is $910 (compared to the actual cost per player of $963). Team revenue for 12 players includes the total sum of player fees ($10,920) and $500 from the Super Bowl Squares fundraiser. The total revenue, $11,420 is just $120 short of the projected expenses for the team. This shortage is manageable because conservative estimates are used for expenses and any sponsorships will add to the team’s revenue.

(Team revenue for 11 players includes a $950 player fee (compared to the actual cost per player of $1016). The total sum of player fees ($10450) and the $500 Super Bowl Squares fundraiser yield $10,950, which is $220 short of the projected expenses for an 11 player team.)

If for some reason, the season is affected by cancellations due to the Coronavirus, the team will refund relevant portions of the player fee that have not been spent, committed, or reallocated.