Irvington Community Baseball


Hello Irvington Community Middle School baseball families! This page will give you information about our team. I am happy to answer any questions. Contact me, Johnny Goldfinger, at 607-279-4428 or

We will practice twice a week, 4:15-5:45 PM, at the Irvington Sports Association Baseball and Softball fields. We will be on Field 1. This is the field closest to the entrance. The address is 6945 East Raymond Street Indianapolis Indiana United States 46239. It is your responsibility to provide transportation for your child to and from practice. Please pick up your child promptly at 5:45 PM.

Click here for our game schedule. Players should arrive at the field at least 30 minutes before game time to warm up.

Click here for the city league baseball rules. We will be playing on regulation sized baseball fields (90 feet between bases and 60 feet from the mound to home plate). The significant deviations from regular baseball include the use of pitch counts, lineup options, run limitations, mercy rule, and time limit.

Our goals are to give all the players a good experience, keep them as safe as possible, help them develop their baseball skills, and prepare them (eighth graders in particular) for baseball at the high school level. I realize there is a wide range of skill levels on the team. I will do my best to take these different levels into account during practice and games. I want the players doing drills and playing positions that are appropriate given their baseball skills.

For practice, you will need a glove and cleats. You should get a general purpose baseball glove and make sure it is broken in. The cleats can be molded or metal. They can be any color; the important thing is that they fit properly.

Bats must be -3 (drop 3) or -5 (drop 5) and the barrel cannot be bigger than 2-5/8 inches. You may choose to purchase your own bat or use bats provided by the team. Please contact me before purchasing a bat if you have any questions.