“What is the plan you have in place to make your hitters better? If the answer to that is taking swings in a cage for an hour without purpose, you don’t have the right answer.” – Justin Stone, Elite Baseball Training

What happens at a hitting lesson?

Hitting evaluations and lessons are held at the Bat Cave. Off-site lessons using only a batting tee are also available when appropriate at a lower price. Pitching evaluations and lessons are held at the Bat Cave, or an off-site location if there is an area suitable for pitching. For more information about the lessons, click here for hitting and click here for pitching.

New students require an evaluation before lessons are scheduled.

The prices for a lesson at Indy Pitch and Hit Academy and the Bat Cave include my fee plus the rental of a batting/pitching tunnel at a discounted rate:

30 minutes – $25 plus $10 tunnel rental
45 minutes – $35 plus $15 tunnel rental
60 minutes – $45 plus $20 tunnel rental

The prices for a lesson off-site are:

30 minutes – $25
45 minutes – $35
60 minutes – $45

Initial Hitting Evaluation – $35 plus $15 tunnel rental
Initial Pitching Evaluation – $35 plus $15 tunnel rental

Contact me, Johnny Goldfinger, to schedule an evaluation or lesson.

Email – ImproveYourHitting@gmail.com
Text – 607-279-4428

Kids cannot be dropped off for lessons. An adult must be present the entire time.

The Bat Cave is located at 8734 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219. It is just southwest of the Post Road exit off I-70. The Bat Cave phone number is 317-643-2283.

Hitting Lessons

Lessons will typically begin by recording the student’s swing. I will use slow motion video to assess progress from the previous lesson and identify what part of the swing needs work. I will show the student’s drills to help correct the issues and assign “homework.” This homework may require access to certain types of training equipment. I will make a video of the student doing the drills correctly so he or she can refer to the videos after the lesson.

Initial Hitting Evaluation

The initial hitting lesson is an evaluation that costs $50 and includes:

  • my evaluation fee and tunnel rental.
  • an introduction to the Epstein Hitting System.
  • an in-person video breakdown of the student’s hitting mechanics. This breakdown covers the nine stages of the rotational swing and goes over 32 points in my exclusive hitter’s checklist. Click here for the “Nine Stages of the Rotational Swing.”
  • an annotated video sent to you after the lesson. On this video, the student’s swing is compared to the swing of an MLB batter and the issues that need to be corrected are identified.

Pitching Lessons

The initial pitching lesson is an evaluation that costs $45 and includes an introduction to the pitching systems used by Tom House and Ron Wolforth along with a video analysis that assesses the 11 pitching disconnections identified by Ron Wolforth.

What happens at a pitching lesson?