“You have to be open-minded. Closed minds don’t make progress.” — Nolan Ryan, MLB Hall of Fame pitcher

Click on the links below to learn more about topics that will help you improve your hitting (and pitching) and become a better baseball player.

Bad Hitting Cues – Here are some well-known hitting cues and advice that are either wrong or misleading.

Common Flaws – There are four very common flaws holding back many youth baseball players.

Pitching Links – Links to articles and information on pitching that I found interesting.

Product Reviews –  Reviews of hitting and pitching products both good and bad.

Proper Bat Path – Why you should “get on plane with the pitch” (and not “swing down” or “swing level”).

Rotational Swing – The rotational swing has nine key stages starting with the stance and ending with the follow through.

Stretch versus Windup – Should youth players use the stretch, windup, or both when they first learn to pitch?

What is Toughness? – Jay Bilas wrote a great essay on toughness in basketball. I have adapted that essay for baseball.